India's Top Selling Diesel / Electric Operated Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Price: Rs 3.99 Lakh

Brick Machine + 500 Kg. Pan Mixer

Our range of products include India's top selling Diesel / Electric operated automatic fly ash brick making machine, electricity operated fly ash brick making machine, diesel operated fly ash brick making machine.
Product Details
Warranty 3 Years
HP 10 HP
Capacity 5000 bricks per day
Method Hydraulic Pressure
Machine Weight 2200 kg
Pan Mixer capacity 500 Kg
Country of Origin Made in India
Brick Type Bricks and Paver
Power Electric 10 Hp Motor
Power Diesel Engine 15 HP Engine
Man Power 5 - 6 Unskill
Interlocking Paver Block Yes
Voltage 380V/440V
We Deal In New Only
Brick Raw Material Fly Ash Stone Dust Cement
Provide After Sales Service Yes
Brick Size 3x4x9 / 6x4x9 / Paver
Oil Tank Capacity 80 ltr.
System Hydraulic
Fly Ash Bricks Yes
Brand Hanje
Automation Grade Automatic

We are engaged in offering Automatic fly ash Brick Making Machine to clients.

Important Tips For Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing
The Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing business is more profitable and fast-growing business in India. Indian people are stared using the fly ash bricks on a large scale to save earth for the future there is also a reason for the ban of rad day bricks in some of the states. There are some important things that need to be considered before starting of Fly Ash Bricks manufacturing process.
  1. Land :-There should be 4000 to 5000 sq. ft. land with necessary shed for machinery and open space plot for stock of the bricks and curing it. The other very important thing is that the factory should be located where it is convenient and affordable to bring fly ash easily from Thermal Power Plant .
  2. Water :- Water is essential for making fly ash bricks it needs for curing the bricks .
  3. Project Cost :- The project cost includes plant ,machinery and working capital is approx.Rs 5 to 7 Lack .
  4. Labour :- Fly Ash Bricks machine needs 5 to 6 labours . Even if there are unskilled workers there is no problem . Men or women can operate this machine .
  5. Profit :- In this business you can make Rs 1to 1.5 profit per brick and it is also depends upon row material availability and workers efficiency.
  6. Fly Ash Availability :- Your succeed in your business is dependent on the availability of fly ash from the thermal power pant . For starting the fly ash brick manufacturing business you must research for the availability of fly ash. From where and how much you can get fly ash you must get your fly ash bricks without any obstacles.
Why Hanje Bricks Machine Popular ?
Guarnteed 5000 bricks production in 8 hours.
3 (Three) Year Warranty
Low Maintenance
Service available in all over India
Low Investment High Profit
20 Years of experience in manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks Machines
Customer Trust.

Difference between Hanje Bricks Machine and other Brick Machine

No Need of Conveyor Belt

Every Automatic machine in the market has conveyor belt. Mixture of raw material produced in the mixture is carried by conveyor belt to the hopper to prepare brick. Hanje brick machine does not have conveyor belt, so you can save upto

Particular Price
Conveyor belt 1.25 Lakh
Shade Rs 1 lakh

Price 'Saved by Hanje Brick Machine' Rs 1.25 Lakh + Rs 1 lakh

The length of conveyor belt is about 20 ft. And length of mixture is 5 ft. For this one need 25 ft into 25 ftshade. It costs nearly 1 lakh. This amount is totally saved by our machine..

There is no maintenance as we don't have conveyor belt. In our machine, mixture prepared in mixer goes directly to stair hopper [ it's capacity is 500 kg] and is stored there. After this with the help of fider hopper the required material is put is dye.

By using Hanje Brick Machine

Can Save Rs 22 Lakh in 3 Years

Saving Item Conveyer belt
Investment in Market Machine 1.25 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine Rs. 0 No Need Conveyer belt
Saving in Conveyer belt 1.25 Lakh
Saving Item Shade
Investment in Market Machine 3 Lakh (25Ft x 40Ft)
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 1 Lack (15Ft x 20Ft)
Saving in Shade 2 Lakh
Saving Item Plywood
Investment in Market Machine 3 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 5000
Saving in Playwood 2.95 Lakh
Saving Item Generator
Investment in Market Machine 4 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 42,000
Saving in Generator 3.58 Lakh
Saving Item Maintenance (3 years)
Investment in Market Machine 3 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 50,000
Saving in Maintenance 2.50 Lakh
Saving Item Installation
Investment in Market Machine 1 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 0
Saving in Installation 1 Lakh
Saving Item Unseen profit during the period of installment
Investment in Market Machine 1 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 0
Saving in Unseen profit instollation time period 1 Lakh
Saving Item Interest on investment (3 Years)
(12 Lakhs extra investment)
Investment in Market Machine 4.5 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 0
Saving in Interest on investment 4.5 Lakh
Saving Item Resale value of machine
(20 lakhs after 3 years 10 lakh)
Investment in Market Machine 10 Lakh
Investment in Hanje Brick Machine 2
Saving in Resale value of machine 8 Lakh

1. Electricity instead of 20 to 30 HP only 10 HP.
2. 30 to 35% menpower is saved if brick sold directly to depot.
3. Due to double pump, electricity and diesel is saved.

Energy Saving Model
This machine runs on less HP. At present machines available in market runs on 2 0 to 30 HP electricity whereas hanje brick machine needs only 10 HP electricity. Therefore more than 50% electricity charges are saved
Man Power Saving
We can set up depot of this bricks. Bricks which are prepared should be kept on plywood for drying and then to set up depot needs 30 to 35% man power and its charges. Hanje brick does not need such type of process. As a result labour worker does not get more physical work and can work for long time
Saving in Electricity Bill and Diesel
Compared to market machine, Hanje Brick Machine work on very less electricity due to which electricity bill is saved. Hanje machine needs 1/3 diesel compared to other machines It's energy saving machine. It has double pump which enables to give more power in less HP. Using its double pump hydraulic pressure is produced through PCM, which saves electricity and diesel bill. It takes 5 to 6 unit electricity per hour and 1.5 litre diesel if the machine is running on disel engine. To save diesel, power tiler/tractors horizontal block pistels 15 hp diesel engine is fixed for this machine

Generator cost 4 lakhs

Direct 15 HP Diesel Engine 52,000/-

No Need of Generator
Mostly brick production business runs out skirt of industrial area. As a result there is no regular supply of electricity. If there is no, electricity worker will not have any work as a result the expense arises. To avoid this situation one has to buy a Generator. To load 20 to 30 HP, it needs generator of 35 kilowatt. To purchase new generator it needs rupees 2 lakh. Hanje brick machine has attached direct power tiler or tractor diesel machine which gives speed to hydraulic pressure and PAN mixer. So instead of generator it gives good speed in just rupees 52000.

Price of Generator : 35 kilowatt
For Market Machine : Rs 4 lakh
For hanje brick machine : Rs. 52000

No Need of Plywood Rs. 3 lakh saving in project.

Plywood Investment
Other machines : 3.00 lakh 5 thousand
Hanje Eat Machine :5 thousand
No Need of Plywood
Bricks produced by Hanje brick machine is suitable to keep in depot directly. The bricks that are prepared in one stroke need only 20 to 25plywoods, whereas bricks produced in other machines needs 1500 to 2000 plywood. For this it need investment of Rs 2 lakh to 3 lakhs. Bricks prepared in other machine are kept on plywood. Due to hydraulic pressure the plywoods may get damaged and need to be change, as a result more expense and more investment. Such extra maintenance is not needed for Hanje brick machines.
No Need of Foundation
Hanje brick machine has more weight and it has exactly balanced while preparing. So they there's no need of foundation. One can shift this machine easily at any place and can start the production. Saving of shade and place
Shed or Area savings

Direct 15 HP Diesel Engine 52,000/-

Saving of Place
Hanje brick machine does not have conveyor belt which save nearly 750 square ft shade. It does not require plywood to dry bricks, so we can save two to 3 thousand squareft place
Production Capacity
Hanjebrick machine produces five bricks at a time. If we calculate 15 seconds one round then in one minute 20 bricks and in 1 hour 1200 bricks will be produced. After 25 to 30% deduction also in 8 hours shift 700 bricks will be produced. Production capacity depends upon labours capacity, raw material, size of bricks etc.
Hanjebrick machine is one of the innovative Machine. It's spare parts are available easily. The machine has used spare parts which are also used in tracks , tractor so spare parts are easily available you can maintain it yourself.

Free spare parts upto 1 years

Free Spare Parts Upto 3 years
Hanje brick machines spare parts are given free upto3 years. Except dye, Rubber parts and diesel engine Customer has to bear the expense of mechanics traveling, lodging and rupees 1200 charges per day.
Hydrolic oil
Machine sold in market never apply hydraulic oil in their machine. Hanje brick machine applies hydraulic oil which saves customers expense up to 15000.
Extra parts
Hanje brick machine has 15 HP diesel engine of tractor or fitter. This power fitter says that this diesel engine is for agriculture purpose and it is used for industrial purpose. So they do not give us one year warranty instead they give us over all engines all spare parts which we give to our customer. We also give parts like hosage, orings and any other regular parts to our customer freely.
Resale value
Since last 20 years hanje brick machine is in market. It has name in market. So this machine has good resale value
Unskilled Labour Can Handle The Machine.
Labour- The specialty of this machine is any unskilled or untrainedlabour can run this machine. It takes hardly 30 minutes to learn to operate this machine. Only 5 to 6 labours can give 100% production. At time 2 to 3 workers also can run the machine the only thing is that you will get less production.
Dye in less price
Machines which are available in market can produce 8 to 10 bricks in one stroke. The dye price cost rupees 1 lakh but dye price of Hanje group machine is just rupees 22000 so one can save money on dye also.
Production cost of fly ash bricks

Do you want the production cost of fly ash bricks then please send the following information

Sr.No. Raw Material Rate
1 Cement (OPC)
2 Fly Ash
3 Stone dust
4 Labour Charges

You can also use the wastages lime for sugarcane industries to reduce the cost of cement.





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