Starting Price : Rs 7.33 Lakh / Unit
Brand/Make : Hanje Hydrotech
Model Name/Number : Hanje Sugarcane Harvester
Engine Power (hp) : above 45 HP
Usage/Application : Sugarcane Harvesting
Crops : Sugarcane
Capacity : Up to 6 M Ton per hour with loading
Power : 50-70 HP
Cutting Capacity : 1 Acres in 3 Hour
I Deal In : New Only
Country of Origin : Made in India

Best revolutionary solution for all sugarcane harvesting problems
Whole stalk Sugarcane Harvester Machine
Worlds first “ All in one sugarcane harvestor on a tractor”
1. Sugarcane1. can cut to ground level. (No need butt’s cutting)
2.Trash Remover (with Turbine Blower)
3. Green Top cutter. (Collection of tops for animals feeding)
4. Cane Loader (Direct loading on transport vehicle)
In sugar industry there are so many problems for sugarcane cutting, loading and transport. In the hand harvesting process, the sugar cane is not cutting properly since the butts are left. There is cane left behind in the field and there is cane that falls off the trucks during transportation and is wasted. It is very ironic that so much work is done to get the optimal growth of sugar cane by good land preparation, planting, care, nurturing but then these profits are lost in the harvesting and delivery. Hence as per Sugar factories requirement it will not meet supply, this will increases new problems, which in turn of into increased operational losses of sugar factories.

Significant Features:
  • Ground level base cutting. Hence good productivity.Weight gain approx. 10% increases of sugar recovery.
  • Improved Sugarcane trash remover with New Turbine Blower.
  • Cuts green tops which becomes easy to collect the tops for animal feeding.
  • Sugarcane can be loaded up to 18Ft. height direct in transport vehicle.
  • Easy Lever Operated hydraulic system.
  • Unskilled labour can operate, the machine, who knows tractor driving. (Required only 1 operator)
  • Requires Approx15 Ltr. Diesel per acre.
  • Can be used day – night.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Machine can be attached to any tractor of Minimum 45hp capacity.
  • Cuts and loads sugarcane up to 6 ton/per hour, capacity.
  • Only 4 workers almost do the work of 40 workers, thus it needs less labourer force. (1 operator + 3 labourers)
  • Save Labourer :
    Sugarcane harvesting is very tough and hard work. and requires many skilled labourers. Sugarcane Harvesting machine solves this problem because it needs only a person who knows to operate this machine and other 2 to 3 workers are required for related works.
  • Save money :
    Sugarcane Harvester is “One Time Investment” It saves a lot of money by saving annual labouresexpences which are paid in manualy harvesting process every year.
  • Save Time :
    Sugarcane harvester machine saves a lot of time by taking less time to harvest comparatively. It increases farm efficiency, provides best production. In off – season you can separate harvester machine from tractor and use as dozer for extra income.